Average cost of wedding flowers in indiana

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Deeply Seeded
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Custom Blooms
Violets are Blue
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Blue Blossom Rentals (arches, flower walls, etc.)

Indianapolis Florist Referrals

• Bridal bouquet: $150–$350
• Bridesmaid bouquet: $65–$125
• Boutonniere: $24–$45
• Pin-on corsage: $32–$48
• Wrist corsage: $48–$65
• Reception flowers: $75–$250
• Flower girl petals: $65 per bag
• Altar flowers: $75–$500
• Arrangement next to sign-in book: $150–$250
• Arrangement next to place cards: $65–$125
• Head table centerpiece: $65–$150
• Sweetheart table garland: $12–$45 per foot
• Guest table centerpiece: $75–$400
• Cake flowers: $25–$150
• Flower crown: $45–$125

Average Costs

Florals by Deeply seeded

Florals by Blossom Collective
Photo by ALison Mae Photography

Now, let's dive into one category - flowers. Pricing for wedding flowers is often confusing to couples—sometimes even a shock.
Often, couples budget a lot less than floral designers charge. The two main overlooked components that impact price are the
  cost of flowers themselves and the labor to design, transport, and deliver or install the flowers.

What surprises many couples is also that the cost of flowers themselves vary greatly. The flowers you see most often on Instagram, Pinterest or in wedding magazines are almost exclusively high-end, expensive flowers. You’ll notice that they look quite different from the flowers available at grocery stores. Examples of high-end flowers are those soft, romantic garden roses, lilacs, peonies, ranunculus, sweet pea, and lily of the valley, but the list goes on. 

The best way to break it down for people is for them to think about how much they spend when they order an arrangement – say for Mother’s Day. Think about if they spent $100 on ONE arrangement for their mom, then multiple that by how many tables they have (i.e. 100 person wedding, 10 guests per table = 10 tables). So, they have 10 tables x $100 per JUST for the reception. Add on bouquets, boutonnieres, altar flowers, cocktail tables, cake flowers, escort card table, etc. It adds up quickly.

That’s not even getting into large arches, XXL flower urns, or hanging flower installations. The photos of weddings you see published online are usually big budget weddings. Flower walls, for instance, are stunning—absolutely, but one of those alone could cost $10,000 and up. What you don’t see with those is that they take a huge team many hours to complete, in addition to the thousands of flowers that are needed to make them.

Wedding flowers are how much??

If you are in the planning stages for a wedding, you may be shocked by the costs.   In fact, on a national basis, people spend an average of $31,000 on weddings.   Hoosiers in central Indiana with a guest list of 100 to 200 spend anywhere from $18,000 to $47,000, according to the data. 

Florals by Deeply seeded
Photo by Meghan Harrison Photography

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