A school yard romance


Dave and Katie came from a long line of Depauw alum and the University meant a lot not only to both of their families, but also to their relationship. They met there and spent many nights at the best local bars and eats, so it only made since to tie the knot in Meharry Hall on campus. For this couple, their love was bigger than DePauw’s rivalry to Wabash College. 

how to (Gracefully) deal with a rainy wedding day

“Don’t like the weather? Just wait a few minutes and it will change!” - Indiana

Planning an outdoor wedding can be worrisome with Indiana’s unpredictable weather. For Cody & Caitlin’s rainy day wedding, they took it all in stride, and even with a smile. 

average cost of wedding
flowers in indiana 

If you are in the planning stages for a wedding, you may be shocked by the costs. In fact, on a national basis, people spend an average of $31,000 on weddings. Hoosiers in central Indiana with a guest list of 100 to 200 spend anywhere from $18,000 to $47,000, according to the data. 

Now, let's dive into one category - flowers. Pricing for wedding flowers is often confusing to couples—sometimes even a shock. 

more than just the wedding march...ceremony music

I love music, so needless to say, I had so much fun creating my favorite ceremony music list. It’s sometimes an overlooked detail,  but hoping this creates some inspiration.

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