What Is a Micro Wedding and Is It Right For You?

The average wedding includes 150 guests but nowadays, more couples are looking to save money and further personalize their ceremonies and receptions with smaller scale weddings. Cue the micro wedding: a bite-sized version of the traditional wedding.

What is a mirco wedding?

A microwedding is a smaller-scale celebration that typically has a guest count of 30 or less, and is more intimate and simplistic in nature.  As there are less people to accommodate, your options for ceremony locations are typically greater.

What are the benefits of a mirco wedding?

The beauty of the micro wedding is that it can fit whatever suits your ideal ceremony. Whether it’s a backyard gathering, a gorgeous outdoor location or historic landmark, your options are limitless. Keeping things smaller and low key helps to eliminate a lot of stress, time and energy for planning and is easier on the budget as well.  Sometimes having a micro wedding instead of a large event might feel more authentic in a lot of ways just depending on what types of things a couple values.

indiana mirco wedding

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A smaller wedding and fewer expectations allows you to be more flexible and creative. You’re free to change things up—for example, you won’t feel pressure to include wedding traditions (ie., bouquet toss, speeches or cake cutting) that have never really resonated with you. If they don’t align with your values or vision, there’s no pressure to include them!

Also, logistics of a micro wedding are much simpler, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. You’ll be able to reserve a private room at that top-notch restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, fit everyone into your childhood backyard, or bring your immediate family and besties to a scenic location for a picture perfect ceremony.

So, what’s the difference between a micro wedding and an elopement wedding?

The easiest and quickest answer is in the name: a micro wedding has a focus purely on the wedding itself. It’s similar to the traditional wedding, just on a smaller, more manageable scale. An elopement is almost entirely focused on the marriage and unity of the couple, and is pretty open to interpretation. You can have guests; you can forego them. Maybe you want an after party, or maybe you’d rather skip it. Do you want to wear jeans as you say your I-do’s? Cool. Dreaming of wearing a ballgown? Amazing! You don’t even have to take pictures if you don’t want them (but we highly suggest you do)! Elopement ceremonies are for couples who want total freedom to choose, whereas micro weddings are for couples who want a part of the traditional ceremony built into their day, but at a fraction of the price and stress.

Micro weddings are the perfect antidote to excess and overwork, in addition to the current unknowns of COVID19. More and more people are deciding that the stress and expense of a full-scale wedding aren’t for them. In the end, they end up with an intimate, elegant wedding day.

Learn more about our micro wedding packages here.  It’s our honor to help you plan your perfect location, officiant and unique details that are important to you!

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