Top Wedding Trends of 2020

Out with the old, in the with the new! Every year comes with new engagements, new fashion and new decor trends. This year we’re particularly excited about a new decade and the focal even numbers of 2020. Read more about the up and coming top wedding trends of 2020!

Bold Color

There is a refreshing trend of bright & bold colors on the horizon. While pastels are always a safe and romantic bet, couples can wow their guests with  splashy stand-out shades. When you consider all the creative ways you can incorporate bright, vibrant hues in the form of flowers, bold patterned linens & colored glassware, your choices are endless.  Having a multicolored palette can inspire a whole new style for your wedding that you may not have thought of otherwise—Spanish-inspired details, eclectic bohemian vibes or whimsical tropical setting. However if you prefer more of a subtle vibe, you can still work with these colorful hues by balancing them with more neutral elements.

jewel tone wedding flowers by custom blooms

Photo by Nonpareil Photo, Florals by Custom Blooms Indy, Blue Goblets by Violet Vintage


Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, but it can also be one of the most wasteful—tossed paper goods, excess food thrown away, and leftover flowers dumped in the garbage. Eco-friendly and sustainable weddings will continue to grow as more couples become environmentally conscious. The approach to focus on the planet with creative use of sustainable grown flowers, upcycling décor and and recyclable or eco-friendly serveware & barware will be a trend of you’ll see emerging more in 2020.

Some couples opt to work with live or potted plants that can be replanted or reused after the wedding. Consider potted flowers, such as orchids or spray roses, or plants, including herbs and even trees, that can be reused at home, on a patio, or transplanted to the garden after the event. Forget tossing all the leftover decor. There are plenty of ways to reuse or donate goods after after environmentally friendly weddings. Flowers are a big one. Organizations, such as Connecting Hearts or Random Acts of Flowers,  will pick up your arrangements and donate them to local hospitals & senior centers.

connecting hearts fishers, Indiana

Jennie Hesher of Connecting Hearts, Fishers, Indiana

Interactive Guest Experience

green couch photo booth

To-be-weds are going to larger lengths to provide total experiences for guests. Choosing entertainment experiences that “wow” from wine trucks to live bands and even live event artists hired to create portraits for guests – the possibilities are endless, fresh and new. Think of these as “instagram-able moments”. Other trends include the already popular photo booth, GIF booths, magic mirrors, fireworks and magicians.  These entertaining details are often quirky and unexpected—and give guests something to talk about for years to come.

Meaningful Engagement Sessions

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s no surprise couples want their engagement pictures to be unforgettable. Whether it be at home, the beach or with your furry family member, couples are steering more towards a trend of meaningful and personal engagement sessions.

hiking engagement photo

Sam & Alexa met on the Appalachian Trail. Photo by Rainstorm Photography.

Go to your favorite coffee shop, the park where you take walks every Sunday, the restaurant you had your first date, the campus where you met – there is no limit! If you met your partner at the ice cream parlor, have an adorable engagement photo shoot with a cherry on top! Just make it meaningful to you and your relationship. Because that’s what this is all about, remember?

Creative Use of Florals

Wedding bouquets are an incredibly personal and important choice for every bride, and a huge part of her look when walking down the aisle and in wedding portraits. It’s important not to underestimate the powerful impact of the bridal bouquet, which sets the tone of the wedding. Big & loose bouquets – or the opposite with minimalist bouquets, wooden flower bouquets and sustainable bouquets are all trends that steer away from their traditional style bouquets and into something a bit different.

Lisa Norris Events wedding coordination at Laurel Hall

Photo by Cat Satre Photography, Florals by Old Forest Farm

Couples are also finding creative ways to weave flowers & greenery into their celebration from floral huppahs, ceremony backdrops, greenery walls, hanging arrangements, floral aisles, edible flowers and more.

industry wedding indianapolis

Photo: Meghan Harrison Photography, Venue: Industry


Couples marrying in 2020 will place a greater emphasis on intentional and deeply meaningful personalization. Hyper personalization is taking precedence, including personalized illustrations, customized logos or monograms, signature favors and specialty cocktails. Trends such as including their furry family member and unique hashtags are also on the rise which make each ceremony more unique and custom to each couple.
Read more tips on how to create a personalized unique wedding design here.

neon wedding sign



The idea isn’t just to tell the story of your wedding day, but to portray the characters — the conversations, reactions, and moods — in hopes of giving the viewer a sense of the wedding as if they were there. When creating a wedding film, videographers spend a fair amount of time in the editing room to reflect each couple’s unique love story, but the payoff is in the product: A wedding video even your friends will want to watch again.
Check out a few of our favorite videographers, Emelie Russell Wedding Films (featured below) and TimeWalk Video.

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